We have exciting news from Orlando to share with you today! The record-breaking roller coaster “Skyscraper” at the SkyPlex Orlando will have another record breaking counterpart, Skyfall! Skyfall will be the largest drop tower on the planet! It will break the Zumanjaro Drop of Doom record! Skyfall will be a 450 foot tall INTAMIN drop tower on the side of the US Thrills Skyscraper tower! I don’t know about everyone else, but I hope it’s a Falcon’s Fury Style face down drop tower! There is even more I-Drive Orlando news for you today…

Image-Theme Park Review

In other SkyPlex news, we have even more EXCITING news for the Skyscraper coaster! It will be designed by Ride Centerline and the great designers Alan Schlike and Joe Draves. They have designed the great RMC coasters we know today! Also, INTAMIN will manufacture the Skyscraper roller coaster! This project just keeps getting better and better! We can’t wait until they announce more information soon! I wish it were 2017!

The last I-Drive update for us today is exciting Orlando Eye news! They will announce the Opening date this Tuesday! Tickets are already on sale, and we are so excited for it to come to Orlando!

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