In 2017, Hersheypark will open not one, not two, but three drop towers! The three S&S manufactured towers will be known collectively as the Hershey Triple Tower, but each will have unique qualities.


The first tower is the Kisses Tower. The 80 foot tall tower is the smallest of the three towers. 12 riders at a time will experience two drop sequences on the tower that will provide the most mild thrill.

The second tower is the Reese’s Tower. This tower will be slightly larger than the Kisses Tower at a height of 131 feet. The tower will also give guests two cycles of thrill, although with a capacity of 16 guests at a time rather than 12.

The third and largest tower is the Hershey’s Tower. The Hershey’s Tower will reach a height of 189 feet and will allow 20 riders at a time to experience S&S’s Space Shot and Turbo Drop ride sequence.


The rides will sit atop Hershey Hill and will provide fantastic views of the park. They will be located where the Frog Hopper, Convoy, and Red Baron are currently located. Those three rides will be relocated to other places in the park. Two of the kiddie rides will be relocated to where the park’s Huss Condor, the Flying Falcon, currently stands. Construction will begin after Labor Day Weekend.

The park will also be adding a new Chick-Fil-A as a dining option in 2017.

My Take – Although it is sad to see a classic ride like the Flying Falcon to go, I really like what Hershey is doing with their drop towers. By having three different types of drop tower, the park will allow everyone to have the right level of thrill in their ride experience. Those who just want to try a drop tower can use the Kisses Tower while those who love drop towers can ride the Hershey Tower. It’s a really unique and nice way to add something new for everyone in 2017.

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