Hello everybody Michael here and this is my first post on Theme Parks and Travels as the West Coast correspondent! Recently I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain for The Legacy of Arrow Documentary and while I was there I took some photos of the The New Revolution! So here you go!


New Paint (blue) and Primer (baby blue) seen from the front of Valencia Falls and the Fountain.


New Paint on the track coming down to the loop.


Directly next to The New Revolution is the Carousel which is getting refurbished to join along with the New Revolution. I caught a worker applying hand made detail to it.

Although Tatsu isn't getting any love which it deserves :( .

Although Tatsu isn’t getting any love which it deserves 🙁 . It looks duller and rustier than my Guitar skills. BUT THIS ISN’T ALL ABOUT THE AMAZING TATSU! It’s about the New Revolution!


Which the Second Airtime hill is getting some love. It’s almost completely finished!


Just a comparison of the old and new Paint. It shows you just how much this ride needs this refurb.


Paint work being done around the Helix.

Me: *Taking this picture

Worker: Get me in the picture!

Me: Lol. How’s it going on the ride?

Worker: We’re getting it done man!


A pretty large tree cut down. They’re not completely done with the Tree cutting process which is great!


A marker? And some more Primer on the footers.


A better shot of the Second Airtime hill. With also some plants I didn’t notice, that’ll probably go in soon. Also I hope more of these trees get cut down soon so we can have a better view of the hill.


New Station Colors!! I LOVE them. And the Red White and Blue matches the scheme very well along the new trains!


Next I headed up to the old La Revolucion entrance to see any progress being made and boy I was in for a surprise!


The old Entrance is currently being used for the Fright Fest maze “Chupacabra” it’s right behind the X2 sign for those wondering.


I saw some people with Six Flags Magic Mountain uniforms in the station #creeper #gigaconfirmed.


Better view of the paint work being done to the second hill.


Another view of the station and new paint. Also some of these trees have markers to symbol removal because maybe a new path way? See that patch of dirt well…


Could this be a New Entrance to The New Revolution or exit? I’m torn because this leads to the queue but also it’s not a very grand entrance but who knows maybe they could do some work. I mean it’s right next to X2 and Viper which are major attractions and why not add a third!


Here’s a better view, make sure you tell me what you think in the comments.


Here’s a better picture of the new Station Colors with the new roofing and I must say it looks amazing! Also anyone else see that water dummy? And the old control panel is completely gone. Maybe they’re re-routing the controls and maybe we’ll see less trims!


A blurry picture of some shiny paint!


Some more Baby Blue Primer. It looks very good I wonder when this coat will go up.


This sign will soon be changed ;). What do you think about the New Revolution? What do you think they could do with the New Revolution? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow me (Michael) on Twitter and Instagram. Also you can follow Theme Parks and Travels on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more information! You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Apple News by searching “Theme Parks and Travels” in the app!




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