Today, Kings Dominion announced their 2017 plans through a Facebook Live announcement (which you can watch with this link) and an in-park passholder event. Next year, the park is going to expand Planet Snoopy and make some other general improvements!


Image: Kings Dominion

In Planet Snoopy, the park will be adding three new kids rides next year. The first of the three rides is the Kite Eating Tree, which is a frog-hopper style ride. The second of the three rides is Sally’s Sea Plane, which is a ride similar to El Dorado, which stood at the park a few years ago, but rather than a large thrilling ride, it will be a smaller version designed just for kids. Finally, the park will add the Peanuts 500 ride, which will allow kids to race around a small track.


Image: Kings Dominion

Along with these new kids additions, the park announced a new type of pass for the guests who would enjoy these rides most. The park’s new Pre-K Pass will grant complimentary admission to guests ages 3-5.

In addition to all of the new additions for kids, the park will be investing in other important aspects of guest experience. The park is going to re-design their mobile app, add free in-park wifi, and adopt Cedar Fair’s FunPix ride photo system.

At the end of their presentation, the park teased that there will be something else coming in 2017. Although we don’t know what it will be, there are a few things that could happen. Hurler has been closed all season and we could hear more details on what is happening to it, several Cedar Fair parks have been adding WinterFest events and Kings Dominion could be the next to do so, and also there is a chance we see an Action Theater redo like at Carowinds or California’s Great America. We’ll have to wait and see.

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