Cobra’s Curse, Busch Gardens Tampa’s new Mack Rides spinning coaster, finally has its opening date! The ride was supposed to open for passholders recently, but the passholder previews were delayed until July. Now, we have an official opening date set for Friday, June 17th!

In addition to the announcement of the opening date, Busch Gardens Tampa released some new images of the queue!

Let’s start with the outdoor queue:




The outdoor queue of Cobra’s Curse looks great! There’s a lot of theming that definitely gives it the look of a dig site! The scaffolding in particular looks really cool!

Now, let’s take a look at the indoor queue:






Once again, the indoor queue looks great! There’s a lot of different theming and several things to look at! There’s everything from hieroglyphics on the walls to lights that look like they’d be used in an excavation. Cobra’s Curse looks like it’s the best themed queue I’ve seen at a SeaWorld park!





This room in the queue looks amazing! There are so many details in what appears to be the snake habitat! I also love how the book near the habitat stays within the theme, but also has information about a type of snake.

Finally, the park also gave us a look at the station itself! It looks awesome:


After seeing the images of the queue of Cobra’s Curse, I am even more excited for what looks like one of the most interesting coasters of 2016. The theming, elevator lift, forwards, backwards, and spinning sections combine into one of the most unique rides I’ve ever seen. I hope I can make it out to Busch Gardens Tampa to experience this sometime soon!

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