Hey everyone! Welcome to Andy’s Lists, my lists of pretty much anything travel or theme park related (mostly theme park). Today I want to share with you my list of five attractions at Walt Disney World that I feel are overlooked, and should be enjoyed by you!

#5-Carousel of Progress in Tommorowland at the Magic Kingdom is a ride that I’m guilty of overlooking. I don’t ride this enough. This is a classic Disney attraction designed by Walt himself for the World’s Fair in New York, but very few people ever ride it. I rarely go on it in my trips to Disney World simply because there’s other attractions I’d rather ride. Which would you rather go on, the Space Mountain indoor roller coaster, or a spinning theatre showing life through a few decades?


#4-Living with the Land in The Land Pavilion at EPCOT. Living with the Land is a boat ride that opened with The Land Pavilion at EPCOT. It is a tour that talks about the history of farming and how it effected the world. After the history lesson, it becomes a tour of the greenhouses of the Pavilion. It’s a relaxing, relatively short ride.


#3-Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom pretty much sums up itself with its name. This attraction is a walk-through attraction that can get some great views of the park, and from what I heard is an ideal fireworks viewing location.


#2-Tomorrowland PeopleMover in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom is another of Walt’s classic attractions. It runs on some of the first Linear Induction Motors, which have revolutionized the amusement industry powering launched coasters such as California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure. The ride isn’t fast, but it provides a quick tour of Tomorrowland from the sky. The ride shows off a scene in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and even goes into Space Mountain! Just look for it between the two tracks on the chain lift! This ride doesn’t get long lines, but is very much worth a few minutes of your time!

#1-Ellen’s Energy Adventure in the Universe of Energy Pavilion at EPCOT is probably the most overlooked attraction at all of Walt Disney World. People are thrown off by the fact that it’s a 45 minute long ride. I can tell you from experience that it’s a great break in the middle of the day as EPCOT becomes busy and overcrowded. If your willing to wait two hours for Soarin’ or Test Track, why not walk on this entertaining 45 minute show with Ellen and her “neighbor” Bill Nye the Science Guy as they go on an adventure through space and time to try and beat Ellen’s old roommate on Jeopardy!
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