Hello TP&T readers! Sorry for the long delay between our posts in the recent week, we’ve had a schedule change and have been extremely busy, but we are back with more articles! Today, we have an article discussing whether or not we will see a cruise ship with a roller coaster!

Cruise ships are getting more and more high-tech thrill rides and awesome amusement rides! There’s looping waterslides (Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway), bumper cars (Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas), carousels (Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas), ropes courses (Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway are examples), rock-climbing (an example is the Norwegian Epic), observation decks (Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas), and so many more, but what about roller coasters?


To this date, we haven’t seen a roller coaster on a cruise ship. There are some who have thought of the idea, but the cruise companies haven’t put it into place. When you look at all of the rides that are already on cruise ships, it’s shocking that the roller coaster isn’t on the list. The waterslides even go upside down on some cruise ships now, yet there’s not even a kiddie coaster.


Some will argue that cruise ships are too small to fit a roller coaster, but this is just not true. Look at how huge the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas are, they could easily fit a coaster, and it wouldn’t have to be a kiddie coaster. They could probably fit in at least a Wild Mouse if not an El Loco (pictured below). Other concerns would be that the roller coasters are “too loud.” The solution to this problem is either take measures to reduce noise throughout the ship, which generally are quiet, so you can’t hear much besides what’s in your room, or possibly limit the operating hours. If you want people to be able to sleep, only operate the roller coaster during times such as 10am-10pm, which leaves people  plenty of time to get some rest.


Other concerns may include the ship “shaking” as the roller coaster goes by, but the ships are already built to withstand shaking. An even simpler solution is to use smaller cars like Euro-Fighter cars, El Loco cars, or take extra steps in the engineering of the ship to make it more stable. Also, you could make it even out with a dueling coaster! The forces on both sides of the ship should evenly keep the ship stable in its path.

Why not put a roller coaster on a cruise ship, it requires a minimal amount of energy, only a few employees, it shouldn’t disrupt passengers too much, and it would be an AWESOME ride! The Simpsons did it, so why not in real life? So Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and all the other cruise companies, put a coaster on a cruise ship, and make cruises even better then they already are!

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