That’s right! It’s back! Ride Renovations and Re-Designs is doing another one of Kings Dominion’s outdated attractions. Today we have shockwave, and here’s what I would do with it!

Shockwave is a Togo Roller Coaster in the midway section of Kings Dominion, Candy Apple Grove. I have been on this ride once, and I don’t need to ride it again. It’s short, it’s stand-up, and it’s old. It’s just not a very good attraction. I have never met anyone who likes this attraction, and I have no intention to “renovate” it. This is another ride that needs a complete renovation. Some people may argue that it gets lines of 30 minutes sometimes, but that’s because it’s a ride anyone can enjoy. So that’s the type of ride I’d replace Shockwave with.

There are several medium sized rides that everyone can enjoy springing up all around amusement parks. Just look at the last few years, there’s FireChaser Express, Cheetah Hunt, Verbolten, and so many more! I think a ride like these would suit Kings Dominion well, even though they already have the Backlot Stunt Coaster. I would bring in a ride with a small footprint, that would make a big impact. Some are probably thinking, you want to put in a Vekoma Boomerang? Well, I could do that, but I would have B&M build their new family coaster model. It would be a first for the USA and would fit into the compact location of Shockwave.

B&M has made one of these in China and it and it seems to be a very good ride for the family. It would bring Kings Dominion another family coaster, and this one would be inverted! Some would say that it should go upside-down to be a transition coaster like Shockwave was, but I disagree. Kings Dominion is showing its commitment to the family with Planet Snoopy, so why not extend that commitment? A B&M family coaster would easily be a great fit for the children coming to this park.

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