We have some terrible news this afternoon, a Knoebels employee was hit by the train of the Impulse roller coaster during testing. According to WNEP, the employee was struck in the head and the hand. As medical crews arrived he was still talking. The area where the worker was hit is off limits to guests and Knoebels believed the area was clear at the time of testing. We hope the best for this Knoebels worker.

Knoebels completed Impulse in an incredibly quick amount of time, the track went up in January. (Image-Theme Park Review)

Impulse is the family park’s newest creation. It’s their first and only steel roller coaster. The Zierer built Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster has stopped testing for the time being. We hope the best for Knoebels, this employee, and the roller coaster.

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