Hello everyone! We’re back with another blog post! Recently, we visited Walt Disney World and Orlando for our winter vacation, and here’s what happened!

Day #1- Plane rides and Hollywood Studios!

After a flight from DC to Orlando, we hopped on the Magical Express bus to the Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World. We quickly settled into the room, I grabbed the cameras and we were off to Hollywood studios via the Disney Transport Bus.

Another look at the awesome lights!
Keeping with the Disney spirit, the Christmas tree was beautiful in the Polynesian lobby.
The pool was undergoing construction, but they gave us free Blizzard Beach tickets! Unfortunately, we didn’tt have time to visit the waterpark.

We arrived in Orlando in the late afternoon, so we had to move or ditch one of our FastPasses. We bumped back Star Tours, but it had a short wait, so we did it after Tower of Terror, the best drop tower of all time (and the only one I’ve ever enjoyed)!

After a quick bus ride, we were at the Studios Park, which barely ever hosted productions.
This view looks a lot different today! The Chinese theatre is poking through, and I wonder what it’l be like in a few weeks!
I actually will miss the hat! The Chinese theatre is still poking through!
The Tower of Terror could be my favorite Disney ride. It was my first time on it, and what I realized is that the seatbelt really makes it a different, better ride experience than the average drop tower! Must be the Disney Magic!

I’m not a drop tower person, and I LOVED Tower of Terror. I’m not a simulator person, and I LOVED Star Tours: The Adventure Continues as I rode it for the first time that day. I have only liked a few simulators ever-The Simpsons Ride at Universal, Minion Mayhem at Universal, and now Star Tours!

Since it was dark by the time we reached it, my camera couldn’t take any good photos, so here’s Star Tours! The simulators have thousands of different ride experiences built in so each ride is different as you cruise with the Star Wars characters. Overall it’s a fantastic ride!

After Star Tours was Muppet Vision 3D! Muppet Vision 3D was created due to a lack of attractions at Hollywood Studios upon opening, and competition with Universal Studios Orlando which boasted 30 attractions upon opening. The ride is a 3D film (with some great 3D) that takes place in Muppet Labs and has a fun story tied into it.

While I may not have been able to get a good picture of the ride, the great family ride has a giant Kermit the Frog on top (as shown here from Streets of America)
Here’s the Streets of America.  Isn’t it so amazing looking!
The Streets of America were decorated with some of the most impressive lights I’ve ever seen. The lights flash on and off in a musical “show” for Christmas. Be on the lookout for the hidden Mickeys. *Cough The Earth *Cough.
The only Rock N’ Roller Coaster picture I got (from earlier in the day). I love this ride! This is one of the best Vekomas you can find on Earth! It’s just a fun launch into some great inversions with awesome Aerosmith music playing!

After our afternoon in Hollywood studios, we went back to the Polynesian and ate a delicious dinner at the Kona Cafe. The food was delicious and several say it has the best sushi at Disney. I recommend seafood while eating at this restaurant. So this is the end of Day 1 for A Very Disney Christmas! Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 coming soon! Be sure to follow the blog here today and follow us on the other social media sites! Thank you for reading!

Any images without a source are our own images, feel free to use them, but give us credit if you do!
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